Human Information Interaction and Information Retrieval Research at University of Tsukuba, Japan, since 2009. Our mission is to create new user experiences in information seeking and retrieval.


  • Application to Master's and PhD Program in Informatics at University of Tsukuba for 2021

    • For applicants in English

      • Application Period: 2020.12.01-2020.12.18

      • Entrance Examination: 2021.02.01 or 2021.02.02

      • Enrollment: 2021.10.01

    • Our lab is looking for students who are interested in Information Retrieval and Recommender Systems. Feel free to contact us for the detail.

🐾Recent Activities



📆 2020.12.01

Four members joined the lab as Bachelor Students


Added an editorial in Publications


Li has joined the lab as an Master's student


Added two book chapters in Publications


Added 2021 application information