Instruction to do the chatbot experiment

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

You could follow the following step to start an experiment.

1. Go to your experiment channel first. E.g., here the worker's number is 05 so he go to the experiment_05 channel to do the experiment.

step 2

2. In the experiment channel, there are just you and chatbot and me. So just say hello to the chatbot. (Her name is satoshi) And then, just chat with her under her instruction.

step 3

3. If you have any questions, you could contact me, (send direct message to 金琢奇) directly, and I'll reply you at once like this.

step 4

4. After the experiment is over, the chatbot will let you know by saying "Thank you. The experiment is over now. You could log out and we would approve your work in mTurk."


  1. You should accept the HITs in mturk before you enter the experiment!!! If not so, others may login in when you are doing the experiment.

  2. You would get a bonus of 0.2 dollar if you do the experiment seriously. To judge whether you do it seriously, you are supposed to:

    a. Read the explanations from system carefully, so that you would take more time than average on the experiment.

    b. Answer the questions from the system seriously.